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The Story Behind COVID-19


Any society that uses children to shield adults from harm has entirely lost its moral bearings.

There comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular but he must take it because conscience tells him it is right.
—Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

A lot has been going on leading up to and during this viral outbreak. The majority of the general public are unaware. We need more people to start asking questions.There is nothing wrong with being skeptical, as ignorance never turns out good. (The links are there as proof of what is written in this piece, click as you feel needed and at your own peril.)
2hrs – but best video explanation of what is happening.
Mein Kampf: Beyond COVID-19, Totalitarian (Canada), full and short, Italy Australia USA we are the research

“Immunization: an entry point for digital identity” Then listen to Klaus Schwab’s son, Olivier, talk about WEF’s public-private partnership being the start of GAVI…The totalitarian corporate run governments will only continue to expand with the eventual goal of economic ruins that will perpetually force people into government hands for survival. Global and private partnership.

For Brian(aka ”Dirt”) choose wisely, the red-pill or the blue-pill!

IN A NUTSHELL: just read IN A Nutshell part then click on a few of the links….. Or this hour long video explains the general concept of what has transpired – Who Owns the World…..WARNING: This may sound like I’m a whack nut or this is a sci-fi movie, but… “You have the choice either to be seen as crazy now or morally bankrupt later.” This is about our future. More importantly its about our kids future. Since I’m older my grandkidz. If we cant stop this they will never know what true freedom is. Americans have become lazy and complacent. We take our freedoms and rights for granted. The people need to wake up and stand up to this tyranny.
THEY are using the pandemic, global warming, the environment, saving our planet as causes for THEIR PLAN. Aren’t we are all for this? All for the betterment of the world. But it’s how THEY are doing it. The excuses for proof of vaccination on the premise of safety? This is laying the groundwork or infrastructure of world control. THEY want to control every aspect of our life. Indoctrination from birth and the re-education of our kids. At what cost?
Using a crisis like COVID-19 pandemic as a launching tool to THEIR BULID BACK BETTER BULLSHIT. PDF link
This is a well organized attack by an elite rich group. THEY control a lot of people and big businesses. The Nazis used fear to get the German people to back their agenda. THEY use fear to control. THEY control the press and so their media propaganda has brainwashed and divided the world. Brain washing the people with THEIR false or misleading information. Division is a weapon, the vaccinated vs the unvaccinated, etc…. Shutting down all opposition by saying it is false or misleading information.
The medical establishment(NIH) recommending no early treatment of covid. Suppression of the actual ”following the real science” and medicine, and early treatment that works. The changing of how we have always recorded deaths….. Bloated COVID-19 death certificates Lock downs, mandates, the push of Vaccines and vaccine passports or proof, is just the start of their goal of ultimate control. Green inflation
The longer THEY can drag this pandemic out and make out it worse then what it really is, the better THEIR outcomes will be. If this was the plague that kills 40%-60% everyone of all ages, wouldn’t there be hysteria and riots to get the vaccine? (Like the walking dead)How else will THEY achieve THEIR goals? THEY want more control by suppression of personal freedoms. Control over digital passports or vaccine, personal digital identification, with digital currency, eventual control of internet access. Eventual Complete Control of your energy, your money, your behavior, your farm, food, meat, your health and your kids education, kids health, shopping and small business, etc…… Why your kids? Then THEY control every aspect of your life. You say, no big deal, I obey the law. Already in France THEY wont let the unvaccinated go into a grocery store. Is that really ok with you? What will be next? Do a deeper dive, it will scare you, its as evil as the Nazis plan from WWII.
Why the kids? SO they get indoctrination into the program at an early age. THEY want to make your children into their version of climate activists. THEIR version of civil rights activist(whites are the select oppressors. The constitution has offensive language in it. etc…) That way, kids grow up not knowing anything else. Full indoctrination into THEIR version of our history, critical race theory, immigration and letting all illegals into our country and making them all citizens(there are 82.4 million forcibly displaced people in the world – and it’s the tenth successive year the number has risen. COVID-19 has compounded the situation – the most vulnerable have been hardest hit and “this is not the time to turn away“.) climate change, everything on THEIR version not the USA but THEIR version. This way it will be habit for the kids. They will grow up not know anything better. No opposition. THEIR propaganda and views, THEIR perspectives will be molded into head via the public classroom. We can fight back at a local level. Support local small business. Make sure you know all the activities and classroom agendas. You must fight it at a local level. Our state and counties, have in some instances more power then the federal government. You will have to make confrontation a part of your life to fight this.

IT IS ABOUT “personal freedom and privacy and our rights as a free nation.

THEY dont trust anyone but themselves to get it done. Who is THEY? The Cabal… So what do THEY actually want? A ……….
NEW World Order
THEY have done this over the years by the integration of “government and big business.A one world government, that will take individual freedoms away. THEY want control to make the world save according to THEIR versions. Government is all for it because each nation and THEIR leaders all know they have overspent and are over their heads in debt. Big businesses get bigger and more powerful. By using the crisis to THEIR Build Back Better Bullshit gives the governments the right to print more money and create a monetary crisis which will lead to more control and the eventual switch to digital money. This is all Public Information and THEY are not hiding it…Get to the point! Who is it?….. Who Owns the World

They are individual billionaires, political leaders, government agencies, giant corporations, industries, universities, the major media, the social media, big tech, NGO’s and even the international medical and scientific establishment. World LeadersUN, (look at the 2page new world order social contract on this link)and media control. Food control, tracker….. The Great Reset the G7, THE world bank. THE rich/elite like GatesRockefeller and their plans the FED(even HUD The Rockefeller Foundation and United Nations have multiple networks in place that deal directly with cities, their own police in major USA cities, and leaders of LG municipalities – bypassing national and state structures – a form of infiltration so they do not have to go through ‘normal’ layers of legal, moral, and constitutional authority – they cut through all that red tape. The longer term goal being to do away with government as sovereignty and nationality are obstacles to a one government world – which i the ultimate and underpinning goal of the WEF and UN MOU they signed in 2019. (Yes the WEF and UN are now essentially one overlord organisation). The first and most effective way to implement the one government world agenda is to first get hold of and control the local police forces.) and Schwab. THE WEC, plus. THE Pope (even the Pope!) THE WHO. (Plans were started long before 2017, Bill Gates and the “Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations CEPI announcement) ….Taxes, The Welcome Trust, Center for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH). The Bureau of Investigative Journalism (TBIJ) is funded by Bill Gates, Google, George Soros’ Open Society Foundation and Wellcome, all of which are easily identified as parts of the technocratic globalist network. Plus many, many more of these privately funded NGO’s. Most of these are tied to the CCP. (Chinese Communist Party)
This is the first salvo in this war. Globalism respects no boundaries. It is stunning to listen, watch, or read endless discussions about the need for massive global change as if America and its history as a beacon of liberty never existed. Our heritage and accomplishments as the freest people in history have been erased. The globalist determination to wreck America and any remaining patriotic, democratic nations, much of what is taking place during COVID-19. With China poise as the main benefactor of this assault. China is using their own corporations to compete with and infiltrate the West. The corporations are completely answerable to the Chinese Communist Party and help to carry out its “unrestricted warfare” against America and most of the world. nice timline medicine
What can we do? Start with non-compliance….”Never in recent history has there been a threat to our freedom that more justifies, more demands, our passive non-compliance, active civil disobedience and collective resistance to the disaster into which we are being led under the cloak of this manufactured crisis. Every few generations a people has to fight the rise of what we now call fascism — sometimes in external wars, more often from within — and this is our generation’s fight, against the Government, its global corporate allies, and the national state apparatus they are deploying in an undeclared civil war against the people.source. Fake Checkers
Bottom line: this is about total control via the digital id they are pushing. Total control of everything and you…the plan is to destroy the economy for the purpose to build back even better!!! “It is slavery or freedom. If you look at what they’re planning, what they’re shooting for, it’s a complete financial and technological control grid. That is slavery. I mean, when the World Economic Forum says it’s 2030 and you have no assets, what is it about that that’s not clear? You have no assets means you’re a slave.” So, what then, is totalitarianism? It is a system of government (a totalitarian regime), or a system of increasing control otherwise implemented (a totalitarian movement) – presenting itself in different forms and at different levels of society – that tolerates no individual freedom or independent thought and that ultimately seeks to totally subordinate and direct all aspects of the individual human life.
Pass this on to anyone who doesn’t understand that this is……..


And the Federal Reserve our nations banking system is now into climate change?

Leaders List: New definition of virus according to World Economic Forum is an intracellular parasite

The replicating viral vector is RNA for an intracellular parasite. Replicating according to article reference in Pfizer’s patent “In Ying et al. (Nature Med (1999) 5:823-827) self-replicating RNA vaccines are disclosed whose RNA encodes for β-galactosidase” WHO also states a vaccines against SarsCov2 has mRNA replicating viral-vector.”

The Short Version: Read what is in this section and watch the first 7 videos with bullets in this first section. Or this is a shorter and probably better review…. part1part2part3…… Choose the red pill and Down the Rabbit Hole we go! The UN chief!

How many people know what and who is the World Economic Forum?
According to their own words they are using the pandemic to help achieve their goals. (Never let a good crises go to waste) – The Great Reset – They are very open about their plans. They are using climate change and social unrest as excuses to fuel their perspective of much needed change they say is good for the world. Agenda 2030. What they think the world should look like after the pandemic!

The rich and powerful, governments, politicians, they all belong to this organization. They can get strings pulled and have all the connections. They fund everything, from politicians and important organizations to anything that they think will help their end goal. Look at their members and partners. Countries are on board because of their history in overprinting money.(especially since 2008) They need a way out. History has always shown the privileges of the rich. . The USA is a young country, compared to Europe. But entrenchment of the WEF and their partners, big companies and their influence on our elected officials and corrupt bureaucrats is easily seen. Take for example, our medical establishment, big pharma controls or should I say heavily influences all of our medical system. From the education, publications, to public and private organizations. And then look at who controls big pharma! Follow the Money!……. CFR is the power base of the WEC in the USA. “The New Atlantic Charter aspires to something similar,” declares the CFR globalist, saying Biden and Johnson both view themselves as “‘wartime’ leaders” and that the agreement “repudiates” Donald Trump’s pro-sovereignty “America First” foreign-policy doctrines. Biden once joked that he “worked for” CFR boss Richard Haass, so his doing the globalist organization’s bidding is hardly surprising! The FDA does not require placebo-controlled clinical trials for new vaccines. The FDA gives the drug companies a pass on conducting a normal clinical trial when they are seeking approval for vaccines. Instead of comparing their new drug’s good and bad effects to a harmless placebo, the vaccine companies get away with comparing their vaccines to other vaccines.

“The Global Agenda”
This video is short-

You Can’t Make This Stuff Up!

  • The Great Reset
  • The Great Reset part 2… Who is the WEFthey have (non-government agencies created by the post WW2 governments) W.H.O., the U.N Agenda 2030, IMF ; most GOVERNMENTS (G7) & the mega corporations on board, look at Davos and who goes and the fact the WEF controls it! They also partner with PUBLIC Organizations that help push their agenda CFRPRI and so many more like these…….
  • What is the Great Reset This isn’t about Republicans vs Democrats, the left vs the right. This is about the global elites along with governments aligning together in wanting to change the world to their socialist perspectives. This has already been seen in an attack on our freedom of speech and capitalism. The scale of the collusion between our elected officials and the elite private sector is unreal. They want to reset our free capitalism system to their global perspective. They want to control everything, (they have the connections, countries, politicians, corporate partners and members to do it) Media, Medicine, Technology, Currencies, Agricultural, the Land, etc……

It’s about manipulating and controlling society to their views. With all these heads of state, company owners and CEOs in their pockets, they don’t need laws, they control everything and everyone. They can change rules. Since governments are involved, they can easily get the laws changed if needed. Have you heard the phrase “Build Back Better” Meet the World Economic Forum (video start at 28:28) Reset video



Cycles: the knowledge that cycles repeat (from history) and thus, one can see a rough outline of the future!

Gold, Silver and Bitcoin are key ones to own for wealth protection. Other assets are commodity ETFs, golf etfs, gold miner stocks.The plan as of now, is for a 2023 rollout of the USA digital dollar. When will inflation get bad? Current Annual inflation for the 12 months ending in May 2021 5%, June5.4%. The real rate: Shadow Stats

  • Watch the FED and what they do
  • Pay attention to bonds,
  • Real inflation and the
  • Interest rates
  • Scan the news headlines for what these WEC members and affiliates are doing and saying. Politically and commercially wise….

    The important take away for individuals is the need in planning to hedge your wealth to some degree, with some of the above assets to protect your buying power from the upcoming planned inflation. Be aware of possible conflicts that may arise from all these global mobsters and their plans. With a majority of countries printing so much money and basically broke. It seems like the key plan is the inflation they create will be the driver of the currency and monetary value reset. The resulting crisis(fake or real) from that, may drive the implementation into more of their goals.(depending on how well this changeover to digital money goes)

Every fake or real crisis will give them added opportunity to implement whatever will fit into their overall political, social, cultural and economic rhetoric. How bad will it it get? Let’s hope in The USA we can curb or stop the socialist aspect of it. But seeing the harm created by the news blackout in the early treatments available for COVID-19, has been very disheartening. There is the possibility the economic part, could be as bad or worse then the 1930s crash but it depends on so many factors. Will people realize the loss of their personal freedoms? With the brainwashing they do, and the masses not understanding what is happening, it appears it is going according to their plans. Look how they already have critical race theory indoctrinated into school, commerce, political and social arenas. Pretty impressive in how gullible we are.
Remember there is short and long term goals. They have ten year goals right now; 2030, 2040 etc.They have an impressive Peer Pressure with the power and control they possess. Their propaganda fear campaigns to the masses have been working great for them. I’m sure they’re pretty happy so far…. Just watch please and The Welcome Trust

What can you do? Not much as an individual. Economically, see below. Support local markets and private small companies. Socially, politically, if personal freedom becomes a big issue? Support the politicians and anyone with power that supports the free capitalism and personal freedoms that the USA was founded on!

  • #1. Pay Attention: Being aware of what is going in the present and what could possibly happen in the future. Be ready to change according to what actually does happen. Read this letter.
  • #2. Protection of your personal wealth to some degree is about all an individual can do.

WEC Manipulation and Control
So how does this great reset work – Let’s take the Corporate Reset:

  • WEC(public), corporate presidents(private) & head of states/(government)has formed numerous partnerships.[this the key] This partnership has the power to direct the corresponding bank/financial businesses and government agencies to change policies and rules. (Remember a lot is about policy, rules etc… not laws.) Control the Money, Control the World
  • These changes in policy/regulations means all the major bank/financial institutions and government regulators become indoctrinated and forces the non indoctrinated companies adoption of the ESG Standards for survival. Large investment funds won’t buy corporate shares if they aren’t compliant. Plus they will have trouble getting capital for operations.
  • The domino effect means all subordinate regional banks/financial organizations and corporations will automatically follow suit.
  • The trickle down affect will eventually force the local, small companies to meet the new ESG qualification standards set by their smaller local banks in order to qualify for a business loan. You guessed it this will eventually pass on to the individuals…..
  • Don’t forget the mainstream media: Which is of course under their control to create the social buzz they need to brainwash, shame and create the public peer pressure, along with the censorship if needed for control for each sector. They are weaving a web of confusion, misinformation, and conspiracy surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. Strategic Intelligence (monitor us) look at their partners etc…..more on surveillance
  • They form numerous non-profits to push their causes: Example- non compliant companies are being pressured to join or “volunteer” to use ESG standards by the PRI. Bill Gates is one of the largest funders of WHO, WHO started the PRI organization! The foundation and the WHO are major partners in global public health initiatives like the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization (GAVI) and the Global Health Workforce Network (GHWN), and these initiatives are funded by both public and private money.  Gates and the NIH. Gates also funds CDCIn addition to Congressional Appropriations, CDC receives approximately $12 million in global funding through foundations and other donors including the Bloomberg Family Foundation, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and the CDC Foundation”.…FDAPURPOSE: The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) (each a “Party” and collectively the “Parties”) share interests in scientific progress related to regulatory science and regulatory capacity building in support of advancing global public health. This memorandum of understanding (MOU) establishes a framework for collaboration between FDA and the BMGF to facilitate existing and new mutually agreed upon programs and activities and to carry out their common goal to improve public health by stimulating and fostering medical product innovation and enabling medical product development. …… GF funded by Bill Gates. It’s not just the BBC that the GF manipulates through these means. Between 2016 and 2020, the Financial Times received $2.3million from the GF, including $1.3million to fund ‘global health awareness’. The Guardian is another recipient of Mr Gates’s largesse. Like the BBC, it sports a ‘Global Development’ site, the common root being GF funding. Its claimed editorial independence is contradicted by its stated sole campaigning purpose to provide special focus on the Millennium Development Goals, eight targets set in 2000 by theUnited Nations Millennium Declaration. The Guardian has bought into this to the extent that it operates mainly as a deferential PR channel for both the UN and the GF. According to Tim Schwab of Columbia Journalism Review, by last June more than $250million had gone to news operations including the BBC, NBC, Al Jazeera, ProPublicaNational Journal, the Guardian, the Financial Times, Univision, Medium, the Atlantic, the Texas Tribune, Gannett, Washington MonthlyLe Monde, and the Center for Investigative Reporting; and to charitable organisations affiliated with news outlets, like the BBC’s Media Action and the New York Times’s Neediest Cases Fund. Source Plus the CFR
  • Public, government and mega companies partner together to fix issues they view as important(climate control). When in the history of the USA does the government partner with mega corporations? So BAD and big conflict of interest. WEC is not a governmental branch it’s a public organization, this is their idea of what is needed to make the world better according to their vision. So they have sold their vision to governments. Governments have swallowed it hook, line and sinker. They need a way out of their money problems. “ESG systems technically operate apart from government — even though they are heavily influenced by government spending and central banks’ monetary policies—corporations can impose these dangerous assaults on liberty, engaging in an end-run around the Bill of Rights. If powerful financial institutions, international organizations, corporations, and governments are allowed to work together to control society to their benefit, then our “rights” will become nothing more than meaningless scribbles on old, fading pieces of parchment.”

Changing the investment and bank policies, forces the corporate world to comply.
This type of top-down control is in every piece of the puzzle required. Resulting in Political, Economic, Medical, Education, Social, and Cultural manipulation and control!
The global community is facing many crises, including an on-going pandemic, the tragic consequences of centuries of racial inequality, and a climate emergency. But this year will also bring continued opportunities for corporations to work with governments and individuals to rebuild and create a fairer, more sustainable future for all.” WEC website

This is a good overall explanation but if you want to know more – see below also click the following link, this well written piece sums up the pandemic response….

Not Even Trying to Hide It


What is ESG Standards?
Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria are a set of standards for a company’s operations that socially conscious investors use to screen potential investments. Environmental criteria consider how a company performs as a steward of nature. Social criteria examine how it manages relationships with employees, suppliers, customers, and the communities where it operates. Governance deals with a company’s leadership, executive pay, audits, internal controls, and shareholder rights. Today, no business can succeed without conforming to financial reporting standards. The same should be true for non-financial reporting, with equivalent levels of governance, assurance, incentives and sanctions for non-compliance.…..”ESG standards are designed to create a “great reset of capitalism” and to “revamp all aspects of our societies and economies, from education to social contracts and working conditions.” 2 The way ESG supporters plan to enact these radical changes is by using ESG schemes to alter the way businesses and investments are evaluated, so that instead of focusing on the quality of goods and services, profits, and other traditional economic metrics, companies—including financial institutions—are evaluated largely on their commitment to social justice and environmental causes, and then assigned scores so that companies can be compared, rewarded, or potentially punished.” and who is behind ESG who or what is the theme behind PRI and the ESG standards, The Great Reset and the WEC. Now coming to the USA-–PBC_128745The G7 have recognized this in their welcome call for banks and companies to disclose their exposure to climate-related risks. Initiatives such as the mandatory climate-related financial disclosures can help mobilize the trillions of dollars of private sector finance needed, and reinforce government policy to meet net-zero commitments. Over 61% of investors will not put money into companies that do not have a net-zero plan, according to a survey by Standard Chartered. Investors have the ability to demand rigorous science-based standards from their invested companies.
Together, the SASB Standards and WEF’s metrics can help companies provide a holistic view of their value creation story, incorporating both an inside-out perspective—capturing a company’s impacts on the environment, society, and economy—as well as an outside-in perspective—measuring the impacts of environmental, social, and macroeconomic trends on the company. Markets increasingly recognize that the two are not mutually exclusive, a fact that becomes increasingly clear over longer time horizons as the interests of business and those of broader society converge.” From the WEC website….. Basically it means, The big hedge fund won’t purchase a company shares if they don’t comply. PLUS…..The central banks won’t loan to smaller banks unless they make sure their (customers/businesses)wanting loans comply to their rules “if they are woke enough in their rules and practices”

More form their website: “Knowledge is power. At the moment the only thing we can know about every company with a high degree of certainty is their financial performance. Therefore that is the metric that drives decision making. By broadening the knowledge that is out there, other stakeholders as well as shareholders will be empowered. It will be possible to align incentives – from management compensation to investment allocations to reputation – against a more robust, more rounded conception of value. By getting better information flowing, we can recouple economic and social progress, restore trust in market economies, and build a better tomorrow as the world emerges from the Covid-19 crisis. We all need to move with a sense of urgency. All companies and standard setters should be taking action now.”

This is already tricking down with new bills from Congress.
Chi Chi Wu, an attorney at the National Consumer Law Center argued that creating a public national credit bureau under the CFPB would be particularly transformative. “While public agencies are not perfect, at least they would not have profit-making as their top priority. They would be responsive to public pressure and government oversight. They could also be charged with developing credit scoring models to reduce the yawning racial and economic inequality in this country.”. Another governmental agency already pushing the WEC agendas…..

They have the power because they are, “all in.” They control the media. You don’t conform to their rules, you are canceled off social media, branded with giving out misinformation, etc…. Starting with the election, COVID-19 issues and the vaccine, etc…. They say the way out of this so called pandemic is the vaccine. They want the vaccine. (Read it yourself on their website) So anyone NOT for the vaccine is the enemy!!! Again follow the money!

Pandemic leads to vaccine.

Vaccine leads to vaccine passport.

Vaccine passport leads to Social Credit System.

Social Credit System leads to total control!

another good read

Perhaps the TrialSiteNews staff has said it best:

“We think that disallowing good-faith medical information because the public can’t be presumed to properly weigh claims is infantilizing said public, along with dismantling the free speech culture that perhaps peaked in the 20th Century. The efforts now underway to completely suppress positive data associated with early-onset treatment prospects such as ivermectin or the squelching of any discussion of vaccine safety issues is completely unacceptable in a civilized, democratic market-based society. Those perpetuating such offenses are in fact on the wrong side of history.”[lxv]

Health Reset

WEC website: Health Agendas

World Economic Forum a public organization; releases guide on how to coerce and manipulate public into getting the Covid-19 Vaccine – The WEFincreasing knowledge and overcoming misinformation”…The WEF state in a recent article that in order to achieve herd immunity to the alleged Covid-19 disease, public health officials should use “advertising theory”, manipulate the way people think and feel about getting the jab, use community leaders and health workers to voice propaganda, and offer bribes as incentives to “help get skeptics through the doors of local vaccination centers.” From the beginning, they have used fear and manipulation as 2 big guns in their arsenal…. More statements from the WEC website: “These are the different schemes around the world promoting people to get vaccinated.”
The COVID vaccine market is worth at least $150 billion. Can we stop it being flooded with fakes?“ “Scientists Say Switching To A Plant-Based Diet Could Offset 16 Years Of Carbon EmissionsThis pandemic is just the first salvo in the health arena…. Organized effort to discredit early treatment. Rebuttal

  • The WEC have mega corporations on board: The vaccine makers Merk. (Moderna, the NIH helped them make the vaccine, have patents)….
  • Governmental agencies on board: The FDA(one treatment)& CDC – Treatment Outside the Hospital: Your healthcare provider might recommend the following to relieve symptoms and support your body’s natural defenses: Taking medications, like acetaminophen or ibuprofen, to reduce fever. Drinking water or receiving intravenous fluids to stay hydrated. Getting plenty of rest to help the body fight the virus…That’s it!!!! They hyped up the fear and their response sucked in handling the pandemic …..(my opinion too)
  • The media censorship of misinformation!.. Now Biden wants to track cell phone messages and the government is telling FaceBook what to delete…
  • WHO and U.N. are also part of their web….
  • Mega Funds like Vanguard Blackrock…

So much crossover and intermingling of the rich people sitting on boards of big pharma, governments & government agencies and mega companies, media, medical the intermingled funding, WHO U.N. etc… These global elitists are good!
The WEC wants the pandemic to continue as long as possible. Why? They want the people to get the vaccine jab. Why? Not trying to treat the virus. Why?……Because any affective treatment will nullify the need for emergency use of the vaccine. Financial? Political? To further implement as many changes that they can? What about the ties of this company?

This above guy that tweeted this,is one of the inventors of RNA vaccines. Also one of the many being censored on various media outlets.
The old and tried manipulation Playbook… & The Future

Currency/Money Reset
Digital Economy and New Value Creation” ….from the WEC website

Digital currency and Digital id’s?
USA Digital Dollar… Think of the control the government would have with these two alone! Would it be used for good, or would it be used for even more control to tell you what is right or true according to their liking? Or is it more like communism?…. Guess who is also pushing this. This is big for the governments-New Value Creation – part1part2part3…. Our Privacy

Social Reset

  • Philanthropic organizations act as string-pullers, inuencers and profit centers.
  • The Defense Department is both a cash cow and a provocateur.
  • Academia provides public relations via legacy media controlled by philanthropic organizations and the drug industry.
  • Academic nonprofits act as money launderers.

We must build rapid learning, better coordination and technological advantage into our efforts to change unjust social systems.” …..From WEC website

One can’t deny keeping the environment pollution free as much as possible for future generations, plus other goals. But, look at the rest of their agendas. What will the end result really be? Marxism, Socialism? The WEF Agendas:Every country, from the United States to China, must participate, and every industry, from oil and gas to tech, must be transformed,” wrote Klaus Schwab, the founder and executive chairman of the World Economic Forum, in an article published on WEF’s website. “In short, we need a ‘Great Reset’ of capitalism.” Schwab also said that “all aspects of our societies and economies” must be “revamped,” “from education to social contracts and working conditions. and the Pandemic their helpers

This kinder, more woke capitalism(socialism) is being taught and pushed to school kids, college kids, corporations, community, social media, society in general. The USA was born equality. It took awhile but we righted slavery. Is there bigots yes, there always be. We as a people and nation will never be perfect. But the extremists has taken it too far. To George Soros.

Just Ask Yourself? – Why the push from the start, for vaccines? Why the push to vaccinate even the below 50 crowd that is affected only by regular flu like symptoms? Why the concentrated effort in suppression of free speech, to shut down opinions on anything else besides “their” narrative? Why the shut down of respected physicians, scientists and any mention of early treatments? Why the concentrated effort to create and keep the FEAR of this virus up?…

Fauci’s comments before…. Who profits from the vaccine?
What I do see as evident, is the government elected officials, beaucrats, scientists etc… are either self serving egotistical people and/or heavily influenced and/or controlled by behind the scenes big money people. What about Select people (WEF)and organizations like Gates(GAVI), Soros, BlackRock, Vanguard and their super rich investors and media controlled outlets?… The conveniently created FEAR and suppressed real science!! This viscous FEAR cycle is what produces control and power. Thus allowing even more power & money for the super rich and elite. Follow the Money!

I’m not an anti-vaccer or a conspiracy theorist. I’m a registered independent. Middle class, not an extremist, I’ve voted for both party lines. Really read this article, click on the provided links. I didn’t believe 90% of what is here when I first started, I thought it all the nuts yaking about crazy conspiracy theories. But someone really does have plans with predetermined outcomes. The WEF… ….

Why did Johns Hopkins jointly hold the controversial 2019 ‘pandemic simulation’ exercise, with the World Economic Forum and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation just before the outbreak? (See ‘’Pandemic – predictive or coincidence?’) How we’re they able to get their virus tracker up and running so fast? In September 2019, a war game was run by the Newport Naval War College called ‘Urban Outbreak 2019’. It spanned over two days and involved 50 experts. reported, “Some of the conclusions, such as the way forced mass quarantine can backfire and trigger additional disease spread, and how the mortality rate is better than the overall number of disease cases in assessing the scale of an outbreak — have been proved out through the response to the novel coronavirus.”… Actually they have been having theses simulations since 1999.
The basic premise of all the scenarios, Schreyer says, was to highlight decision-making processes and competencies in a public health emergency. ‘But they also involved declaring a state of emergency, implementing authoritarian leadership, bypassing parliament and investing certain federal officials with augmented decision-making power while also suspending fundamental civil rights and effecting plans to vaccinate the population.” ‘What strikes me as particularly noteworthy is the ready suspension of basic human rights when responding to a pandemic or bioterror attack; because that is not necessarily a logical consequence. 
……….. “The Covid-19 outbreak has facilitated colossal…….

Wealth Redistribution Reset

“from public to the already super wealthy private hands,” (look at the demise of small biz.) plus- sweeping power grabs and ‘bio-surveillance’ capitalism on an unprecedented scale…. 

Personal Freedoms Reset

Cyber Crime and Control of the internet: there is also a push by WEF-partnered governments to end privacy and the potential for anonymity on the internet in general, by linking government-issued IDs to internet access. Internet….. This would allow every piece of online content accessed to be surveilled, as well as every post or comment authored by each citizen, supposedly to ensure that no citizen can engage in “criminal” activity online. This policy is part of an older effort, particularly in the US, where creating a nationwide “Driver’s License for the Internet” was proposed and then piloted by the Obama administration. We also have the G20…and how it’s actually being used(Financial Action Task Force)…. The European Union made a similar effort to require government-issued IDs for social media access a few years later As evidenced by the architecture put forth by WEF-PAC, the power that organization would have over the public and private sectors is considerable. Such an organization, once established, could usher in long-standing efforts to both require a digital ID to access and use the internet as well as eliminate the ability to conduct anonymous financial transactions. Both policies would advance the overarching goal of both the WEF and many corporations and governments to usher in a new age of unprecedented surveillance of ordinary citizens. Article This is a push of more surveillance and the ability to control…… food

Freedom of speech and gun control. I believe it is worth examining the entities involved in the simulations and studies, as many of them now stand to gain immensely from their current positions of power in the management of the Covid-19 outbreak.”  Vaccine hesitation.
What may be the most concerning is 


1: lack of feeling or emotionIMPASSIVENESSdrug abuse leading to apathy and depression 2: lack of interest or concernINDIFFERENCEpolitical apathy ……………… the non interest of especially the younger generation. The censorship in our freedom of speech, is not being addressed by hardly anyone. This is the most bothersome to me, as an American! They are the ones not following the real science. This resulted in the suppression of effective early treatment. Why? Is there hidden agendas? The repeated stressing of the FEAR and on everyone getting vaccine is puzzling. Ignoring and rewriting the science on natural immunity? The push for the young adults and children to get it when it barely affects them? Just a mumble jumble of the fear, greed and corruption with the rich and powerful in the right place to profit? Is it corrupt government? The rich and powerful have always had the control, are they the ones that have created the fear, to purposely influence and to control both the bureaucrats and the masses… Is it nothing? Is is arrogance? Is it just how the world operates, the rich vs everyone else or something else, like The WEF agendas?

Energy Reset

BlackRock and ESG posse just a small part of energy (climate control) reset, connect the dots…9 facts about BlackRock ….What is your conclusion?

The coronavirus, in contrast, is a virus with public relations. Whoever thinks that governments end viruses is wrong.” Dr Yoram Lass…


Totalitarianism is the modern phenomenon of total centralized state power coupled with the obliteration of individual human rights: in the totalized state, there are those in power, and there are the objectified masses, the victims.

Part II – SARS COVID-2 The Use of Fear to Manipulate and Control

1. FEAR CREATED by Mainstream Media coverage and #1 creator in the FEAR of SARS COVID-2 into the viscous cycle of viral fear that fueled and fed a lot of the following….drug companies are driving COVID-19responses — all of which, so far, have endangered rather than optimized public health — and mainstream media have been willing accomplices in spreading their propaganda, a false official narrative that has, and still is, leading the public astray and fosters fear based on lies….. Follow the money!

2. COVID-19 FEAR FOCUS on lock downs, masks, and vaccination programs. Government bureaucrats, medical leadership, government agencies, mainstream and social media authorities, they…All failed the American public best interests. (CDC FDA etc..) This especially points to the weakness and disappointing response in our government burraucratic systems. We failed to protect our most elderly citizens… Politics heavily influenced and help fuel this firestorm of fear and drove these various positions of important bureaucratic (corrupt?) leadership into making bad decisions, flip flopping, changing practices, etc….more flip-flop……”Part of leadership is to help the involved members of the affected group stay strong and determined even in the face of dreadful fear and loss.  Captains of ships, heads of state, and corporate leaders understand this. Consider when President Trump tries to help us feel reassured.  The science experts who are fear mongers ridicule the President and dismiss him as dishonest when he is trying to offer hope and optimism in the face of this tragedy.  He is like the captain of a ship in a squall, reassuring passengers that the storm will soon be over, even as the waves are breaking across the deck and tossing the ship about on the high seas. Use of fear appeal by our government officials and pandemic experts has become rampant.  Many of us sense we are being actively manipulated. During this present pandemic we have been left with having to figure out what information we are being given to scare us into conformity and what  information we have been given simply because it is scary but true.” PETER BREGGIN

3. COVID-19 FEAR FOCUS on BAD PCR TESTING that cannot distinguish between “live” viruses and inactive (noninfectious) viral particles and therefore cannot be used as a diagnostic tool. PCR does not diagnose, it only helps to confirm a symptomatic clinical illness. Cycle thresholds (CTs) that are too high. But that’s our Gold Standard method of testing?..The failure of these national and world agencies to follow their own advice and follow the REAL science.… need of rapid antigen tests

4. COVID-19 FEAR FOCUS or should we say, Focus on $$$$$ of VACCINES by BIG pharma/BIG money interest (PhRMA spent $24 million on lobbying at the federal level last year “and is one of the biggest corporate players in election spending.” According to OpenSecrets, PhRMA has spent $8.7 million on lobbying so far this year. This, as client Pfizer has raked in $3.5 billion in profits from the sale of its Covid-19 vaccine in just the first three months of 2021.) Plus Gates support and influence on vaccines (WHO) and other multiple agencies obsession on vaccines being the answer ($$$)….. so what happens if a successful early treatment would be approved effective treatment for COVID-19…..The international vaccine rollout under Emergency Use Authorisation (EUA) would legally have to be halted. For an EUA to be legal, “there must be no adequate, approved and available alternative to the candidate product for diagnosing, preventing or treating the disease or condition.” The vaccines would only become legal once they passed level 4 trials and that certainly won’t happen in 2021…the focus on vaccines contributes to the suppression of hospital pre-treatment possibilities….

The Failure of Our Mainstream Medical System

5. FEAR Of COVID-19 initially attributed greatly to our healthcare system not attempting to treat pre-hospital COVID-19. There has been no initiative in treating pre-hospital high risk COVID-19 pts to help hospital overloading and prevention of deaths. #1 Main reason is the Big Parma heavily influenced governmental organizations like the NIH… the top dog in the chain of command sets the bar. (Who is the head crook of NIH – Francis S. Collins, M.D., Ph.D., was officially sworn in on August 17, 2009, as the 16th director of the National Institutes of Health). The original guidelines were there was NO outpatient TREATMENT Available. FlabbergastIng! Until you needed oxygen and then it was as a hospital treatment only. We don’t treat outpatients and then only treat IN hospital until you need oxygen? No wonder so many people died. Where have you ever heard of this kind of treatment policy? This was criminal, plus they have never updated much of these guidelines. If theses guys say there is no treatments then the majority of the nations medical management follow it. This leaves the ground zero physicians open to legal action by patients and/or censure or worse by their organizations. Why there isn’t a national uproar and investigation into this epic healthcare breakdown, is beyond me. The leadership of healthcare organizations were brainwashed into not attempting to try alternative treatments by government bureaucrats…. What happened to this law… The current system discourages independent and critical thinking, but instead encourages sticking to each organizations “normal”. If this was truly such a severe pandemic why wasn’t more leeway given to help in focusing on pretreatment of COVID-19?? The problem was the fear of COVID-19 and most organizational high-up doctors conveniently forgot their responsibility and oath to the patient. This highlights the problem that there are few independent, individual practitioners left in the USA. Our modern medical factories largely manufacture physicians that are not allowed to practice and treat patients with the proper care and understanding of their hippocratic oath …..The suppression of Early Treatment –…. Crime of the Century… you look at how comprehensive and intense the censoring and suppression of early treatments were, it’s hard to come to any other conclusion than this was a strategy aimed at securing emergency use authorization (EUA) for COVID gene therapies.” Dr Peter McCullough…As for why patient harm was a desirable thing, McCullough believes the end goal was to secure the rollout of a mass vaccination campaign. All the propaganda we’ve been fed over this past year and a half points in that direction. “There has been such a suppression of early treatment … and a complete propagandized campaign for social distancing, wearing masks, promoting fear, suffering, hospitalization and death. And to prepare the population for mass vaccination, the last thing they wanted to do is have anything that could potentially restrict the population that would be taking the vaccine.

The Attack on Our Freedom of Speech

6. FOCUS of Mainstream Media and their associated organized effort(called Trusted News Initiative)……. to block or create doubt against anything but their opinions-on COVID-19 and other subjects, they have control as to what they think is the only truth. (so called disinformation) Ivermectin …..

Who is behind it calling the shots, controlling the media…The WEF- 1.Increase knowledge and overcome misinformation

“Western press are under order to blackout the successful treatment of ivermectin news unless it’s neutral to negative – TrialSite – has considerable information that a concerted effort to taint the use of ivermectin, a safe profiled drug if administered to indication and within U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) established dosages.”…which also includes the social media fact checking other then big pharmaceutical solutions (anti-vaccine) …The next is about Dr. Pierre Kory, a pulmonary and critical care specialist testimony….Is this really fact checking? Any links to studies or experts and this is from AP News!! ……..More censorship

As per Dr. McCullough when an expert reads the data from the governments own website (not opinion but the hard data) and is considered misinformation, disinformation etc…The mainstream media’s systematic attack shows that our nations freedoms and right to free speech is in jeopardy . ……. this next video is of the doc the media made out as a quack. Got kicked off social media.- doesn’t seem like a quack to me….….. The doc that said budisone worked for Covid-19….the fact-check…..Then-…#1 of 2 studies that proved him right….FDA pulls 2 OTC drugs that may help fight COVID-19..what the hell!!!….…

Corrupt or Inept Bureaucrats

7. COVID-19 FEAR FOCUS of Bloated death statistics….. Specifically, in a March 24, 2020 NVSS COVID-19 Alert, the CDC instructed coroners, medical examiners, and physicians to de-emphasize underlying causes of death, also referred to as preexisting conditions or comorbidities, by recording them in Part II rather than Part I of death certificates, the study explains. “It’s worth noting that Part I of a death certificate is the immediate cause of death listed in sequential order from the official cause on line item (a) to the underlying causes that contributed to death in descending order of importance on line item (d), while Part II is/are the significant conditions NOT relating to the underlying cause(s) in Part I,” the study points out….… now vaccine manipulation…and vaccine deaths

Data is from the CDC…. The overall age-adjusted mortality rate for 2020 was 828.7 deaths per 100,000 of population. This rate was 15.9% greater than the 2019 overall age-adjusted mortality rate. This high level of mortality has not been experienced in the U.S. since 2003.
• If deaths coded as COVID (COVID deaths)3 were excluded, the overall age-adjusted 2020 mortality rate would have been 737.2 per 100,000 or 3.1% higher than the 2019 rate. This increase excluding COVID deaths is also noteworthy because it reverses the two previous calendar years of decreasing mortalityhowever, some or all of this may be due to the misclassification of CODs as discussed in Section 6.

CDC 2020 COVID-19 deaths: Specifically, in 97% of 357,133 death certificates with COVID-19 and at least one other diagnosis, the documented chain-of-event and significant contributing conditions were consistent with those reported in clinical and epidemiologic studies to occur among patients with severe COVID-19–associated outcomes (5,9). Only 5.5% of death certificates had COVID-19 without any other conditions listed. Attributability of death to COVID-19 could not be evaluated for these death certificates and represents an opportunity for improvement in documention…. and vaccines ….VAERS only captures a small amount to begin with…..


8. YOU need the vaccine even no matter what, even if you’ve had COVID-19. Because the vaccine from the start of the whole thing was touted as the answer to the whole viral mania!!! Authorities touting the vaccine over your BODIES NATURAL IMMUNITY…..Again FOLLOW THE REAL SCIENCE …
“Importantly, in recovered infection to give you durable immunity, along with memory B cells. If you just measure antibodies, you are measuring “tip of iceberg” in terms of your immune response to natural infection or vaccination so always ask – what about T cell responses to either? (and eventually, memory B cells too which give you long durable immunity). 
In fact, authors compare just considering antibodies analogous to blindfolded person with elephant. CD4+ cell responses are more prominent than CD8+ cell responses with SARS-CoV-2 (see this paper) & have been associated with control of COVID-19. “Notably,”SARS-CoV-2-specific CD4+ T cells had the strongest association with lessened COVID-19 disease severity, compared with antibodies and CD8+ T cells”….
In fact, another paper…. shows rapid induction of CD4 associated with mild disease & rapid clearance of the virus. And
What does this mean in simple terms? Well, you raise T cells after natural infection or vaccines against 57 pieces of the spike protein and receptor binding domain of the virus. As authors write: “levels of SARS-CoV-2 neutralization antibodies alone do not determine protection.” – COVID-19 mild infection too.. and …Monica Gandhi MD MPH Infectious Diseases- UCSF – “Our vaccines are working exceptionally well,” Walensky claimed. “They continue to work well for Delta with regard to severe illness and death, they prevent it. But what they can’t do anymore is prevent transmission.”

Finally – This firestorm of fear has many Americans turning into Scared Sally Sheep. Saying or doing very little about any of this, letting this happen with barely a whimper…. Gladly believing that what these crooks spin is true. PUSHING Vaccination of Innocent Children that this disease hardly affects!! questioning, not fact checking the fact checkers, willing to lose their freedoms. Wake up America! The deceit never ends…Throughout the pandemic, CT values in excess of 35 have been the norm, with labs around the world going into the 40s. (I can not find any mention of any CDC guidelines for testing threshold recommendations on just Covid patients) Essentially labs were running from 15 up to 45 depending on their platform, the higher values being more prone to false positives. – The CDC now says people who test positive after getting vaccinated advise the PCR tests should be set at 28 CT or lower. As of May 1, 2021, CDC transitioned from monitoring all reported vaccine breakthrough cases to focus on identifying and investigating only hospitalized or fatal cases due to any cause. This shift will help maximize the quality of the data collected on cases of greatest clinical and public health importance. Previous case counts, which were last updated on April 26, 2021, are available for reference only and will not be updated moving forward. Just like that, being asymptomatic – or having only minor symptoms – will no longer count as a “Covid case” but only if you’ve been vaccinated… Fauci –

The Great Divide

What this did was showcase how extreme our political system has become. (From the 2020 election to vaccination) They both used to be more alike then different. It has also shown how the people have also become more divided and extreme in their views… from BLM to white supremacy etc…. ONE LAST QUESTION – WHO IS THE REAL FORCES IN THE DRIVER OF THE FEAR and COERCION, and WHY? As I stated earlier….. This isn’t Republicans vs Democrats. This is about socialism vs capitalism. They want to reset global capitalism. It’s about manipulating and controlling society to their views. This is the USA!
Another example New America.. looks who funds it… Is a think tank and civic innovation platform in the United States.[2][3][4] It focuses on a range of public policy issues, including national security studies, technology, asset building, health, gender, energy, education, and the economy. Although the organization describes itself as “non-partisan”, its policy views have been characterized as centristliberal or left-leaning.[7][8][9] The New America Foundation has been criticized for its perceived close ties with Google, including its decision to fire an employee who criticized Google as a monopoly.  Google‘s Executive Chairman, Eric Schmidt, is a former chairman.[10] The organization, however, has denied improper influence.[11][12]…. All go to Davos, and/or has an association with THE WEF! How many nonprofits and for profits groups like this are interlinked to the private and public power based organizations.

“The strength of the Constitution, lies in the will of the people to defend it.” ~ Thomas A. Edison

“The Party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command.”
– George Orwell, 1984

Just 4 of the Main Characters

Klaus Schwab……….. just a taste!!!

George Soros

The Fauci Files
Watch this misinformation timeline of Fauci on COVID-19….
IN 1983 the author sounded a false alarm about “AIDS and the possibility that routine close contact, as within a family household, can spread the disease.” 1986 Dr. Anthony S. Fauci pushed for the act to make vaccine makes no longer liable for vaccination reactions….. Then he funded gain of function research at Wuhan….….…NIH scientists may receive royalties from the vaccine, federal lawprevents their compensation from exceeding $150,000 a year. Dr. Fauci is on the Leadership Council of the Bill and Malinda Gates Global Vaccine Action Plan….. Follow the money ……. I NIAID’s Director, Dr. Anthony Fauci is listed as an inventor on 8 granted U.S. patents. None of them are reported in NIAID, NIH, or GAO reports of active licensing despite the fact that Dr. Fauci reportedly was compelled to get paid for his interleukin-2 “invention” – payments he reportedly donated to an unnamed charity……plus…. “Putting aside the specter of bioterrorism for the moment, consider this hypothetical scenario: an important gain-of-function experiment involving a virus with serious pandemic potential is performed in a well-regulated, world-class laboratory by experienced investigators, but the information from the experiment is then used by another scientist who does not have the same training and facilities and is not subject to the same regulations. In an unlikely but conceivable turn of events, what if that scientist becomes infected with the virus, which leads to an outbreak and ultimately triggers a pandemic” Dr Tony Fauci….….. More on his AIDS and AZT mess up…

Emails –

SARS COVID 2 is airborne 

Did he already know what was coming?…

Please note the date……..

Patents- and


Not even getting started on Bill Gates: Then……who funds the Oxford vaccine? more here….. plus who is bill Gates

Then there is the Bill Gates files, his influence and motives??? 

The wealth of the Gates Foundation is staggering. It claims to have spent $54.8 billion since its inception, to have an endowment of $49.8 billion, and to have billions being donated into its coffers on a regular basis from outside sources, including from Warren Buffett.………..…. Gates of Hell.

The Admission

The Evidence (takes you to Twitter, scroll down just a little and play the embedded short clip- ……… then the death sentence video –

Plus:. Then the Gates Foundation and Fauci used Deadly doses of HCQ in trials to discredit it. The trials were intentionally setup to FAIL to further the vaccine agenda. EUA Revoked 6/15/20 Evidence here…

hMark Levin Interview with Dr. Harvey Risch in August of 2020 talking about HCQ evidence that it works and how Fauci suppressed it like he did with Bactrim that was keeping AIDS patients alive in the 1980’s and then pushed AZT that killed thousands.: Fauci is totally inept, corrupt or plain evil……

WHO is deleting information on it’s website that says IVERMECTIN IS SAFE. All these organizations have been doing stuff like this. Flip flopping, changing what they originally stated, trying to change the science, by saying science has changed. Ignoring or silencing critics or anything other that don’t meet their criteria.

The WHO is self-censoring their information about the APOC programme, where they have used Ivermectin since 1995 to eradicate river blindness, and where they note that in terms of side effects, Ivermectin is safe and can be used on a wide scale.

The start?? Sixthly, he causes the whole world to take the mark of the beast; then (seventh) he makes business transactions impossible for those who do not possess the mark of the beast.


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